Cross triathlon is a discipline that normally takes place over a 1-1,5km swim, a mountain bike segment that can vary from 20 to 30km and a cross-country run from 6 to 10 km.

After four years of continental championships, ITU held its first Cross Triathlon World Championship in April 2011 in Extremadura, Spain, at “The Ring” complex, an innovative outdoor sports facility with a strong sustainability and environmental focus. Last year’s participation was a huge success, with the participation of over 400 athletes in all categories. Canadian Melanie McQuaid and South Africa’s Conrad Stoltz were crowned the first ever ITU Cross Triathlon World Champions.

This year, ITU is partnering with TNatura for the 2015 ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships in Orosei, Sardinia.

Orosei (NU) – Sardegna

26/27 Settembre 2016